Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hi again!

It took me while to get my groove back. I am ashamed to call myself a foodie since there is so much I haven't tried. I live in Tempe and I really do not have any friends it is quite sad, I have arthritis in my knees and shoulders and lupus and I am in pain about 87 percent of my day. My income is limited but I do what I can every time I go to the store I always pick up something special just for me like vanilla beans, anchovies etc.. My dream is to start some kind of foodie club where we can meet and have a theme like one month exotic fruits, cheeses, Greek etc and everyone brings a authentic dish or once a month go to a different restaurant like a authentic middle eastern restaurant and such. I would just settle with a good pal that has the same interest as me, no one I know wants to experience new things. I am looking forward to use different spices. I am really embarrassed to call myself a foodie because of so little things I've cooked or try but I rather spend my Sunday in a international market than in a shoe store ( Don't be shocked!!) I never even tried a jicama, I am so ashamed! You don't even want to see the pots and pans I cook with let's just say I got the used. I am saving up for one pan a month. I promise I will not disappear again I'm hoping to make life long friends here. I am 42 and I hope it is not to late for me to start over! Plus I a ton of weight to lose and next month I can rejoin my contest cooking central family again (I had to quit due to lack of funds) I will be asking for advice of recipes cooking and hopefully get words of encouragement. Thank you for listening

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