Monday, October 13, 2008

Wish List

There are so many things that I need for my kitchen but due to my disabilities (Arthritis, Lupus) I am unable to work so I am on a very fixed income. So I sat down one day and wrote all of the things I would love to have and I vow to get everything on this list by next October, I keep it on my refridgerater and will hopefully be scratching things off of my list 1 at a time. Some of these things seem silly to some but this is what I am working towards.

1. Microplain
2. Pots and pans
3. Skillets
4. Large wooden cutting board
5. Set of square plates
6. Oven mitts
7. Kitchen timer
8. Pepper grinder
9. Drinking glasses
10. Pizza cutter
11. Corning bakeware
12. 9x13 pans
13. Chef knives
14. Food processor

I will show pictures of each item as I get them wish me luck!