Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hi Again!

I had to take a little break. I have adult kids still living with me and driving me a up the wall! Some exciting things have happened I started recipe contesting in October of "07" I have only won 2 contests and I'm a finalist in 2 online voting contests, but one of my new year resolutions is to be more positive, try to make more friends and not be such a introvert. ' I 1 or 2 friends in Arizona and the ones here on my blog and my ccc family. I also need to learn more about the trends and new spices maybe I will do better in the contesting. Anyone who reads this I would appreciate your vote for my recipe I really only want the third prize, a ipod would definitly get me to walk more so i could shed alot of this weight. I sure could use a weight buddy if anyone is intersted please email or send a messege. My recipe is the mini chorizo and cheese scones. You do have to register to vote it only takes a minute. Thank you in advance!

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Mary said...

I'll get over as soon as I can to vote. Good luck!