Saturday, October 4, 2008

Conquering my nemesis

One of the foods I have always had a problem perfecting is fried chicken, me being a large black women all my friends assumed i made fried chicken collard greens etc.. well let me tell ya I can't.
When i firs moved on my own I tried it, well it was burnt on the outside completely raw on the inside or i floured it and I didn't wait till the oil to get hot enough so all of the flour would fall off and it would be super greasy or I either over or under seasoned it.

But now after 22 years of try I think I got it! I made sure the oil was hot enough I know it was seasoned perfectly. Now I only fry things maybe once every 6 weeks I am trying very hard to lose weight. So I usually bake everything, well this chicken I recently made was absolutely delicious it was crispy perfectly season and most important cooked threw, even my son who is not a great fan of chicken loved it!

Now I didn't use exact measurements but used kosher, salt cracked black pepper, garlic and onion powder, cayenne pepper and paprika. I rubbed it into the chicken let it sit for a while then I dipped it in flour and fried it in a little less than a quart of oil, then drained on a paper towel.

I know it's weird to be of proud of perfecting fried but I am.


Mary said...

Fried chicken is good for the soul. Sometimes it pays to indulge!

Jenny said...

Nice! This is one dish I have yet to tackle. Yours looks nice, crisp and perfect. Good for you for finally getting it to your liking! Go Fried!

Veronica said...

My grandmother made the best fried chicken, but no one ever asked her for the recipe! Yours looks great!

Lisa said...

This looks perfect!

Karen Harris said...

Your chicken looks delish! I find that the secret of good, crisp fried chicken is more a method than a recipe. I just gave my "method" for pan fried chicken a couple of weeks on my blog. My address is if you care to see my version which is very much like yours. It looks like great minds think alike. Best of luck with your cooking and contesting!