Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Royal Taj

Well I went to the Royal Taj last Saturday to try Indian food for the first time. Now looking at it from the outside it didn't seem to promising, the J on the sign was broken but the parking lot was full. I stepped inside and the smell of curry and different spices just hits you in the face. With the smells and the music for a second I thought I was in India. they had a sampler plate came with chicken tikka, lamb tikka, tandoori chicken, seehk kabob, vegetable curry, rice, naan and a dessert.

Like I said before I'm not a fan of really hot food so to my surprise she asked me if I wanted mild or spicy, I said " Great I won't have to burn my mouth" so of course I said mild. While I waited for my food I partook in the design of the restaurant beautiful statues and objects from India.

While i was waiting for my food a beautiful Indian waitress gave me something to munch on, it was a thin crispy bread thinner than a cracker and 2 dipping sauces a mint dip and a sweet mango jam, the bread had a wonderful spice taste to it and a slight char to it that gave it that smokey flavor.

Then one by one the the food came out first the naan a delicious flat bread that had a wonderful garlic smokey flavor from being cooked in a tandoor.

The rice and the curry vegetables was next.

And finally the chicken tandoori and the lamb and chicken tikka.

I took one bite of the vegetable curry and i was like "WOW" it was very very spicy but very good I had to eat the naan to try to sooth my tongue . The chicken tandoori was surprisingly sweet but the tikkas were spicy with the taste of curry, cinnamon and lemon. Beads of sweat started to form on my forehead and I can feel my face starting to turn red, I think the waitress was noticing my reaction because she kept coming by refilling my glass with ice water. I looked around and I noticed that the Americans were using forks and the Indians were using their hands maybe I will to next time (yes I'm going back) I will try using my hands. The rice was very good I'm not a rice expert but I'm pretty sure it was jasmine rice.

To finish off my dinner I ordered the rice pudding, it was a little runnier that i'm use to but still tasty, I was informed later by my daughter " That's how their rice pudding is"

Well i couldn't eat anymore and I took the rest home in a to go container, the waitress said next time she will help me order the not so spicy dinner and urged me to please come back for the lunch buffet, I live next door so i told her I definitely will. As I was leaving the waitress slipped me a extra piece of hot naan wrapped in tin foil, that was very nice of her. By the front door was a bowl if spices I asked her what it was she said "To freshen your breath", so I a spoon full and popped it in my mouth but I failed to asked do i swallow it or spit it out. It had a wonderful licorice taste to it, when I arrived home my son gladly accepted the left overs because in our house Saturday is get your own dinner day.

Out of 5 silver spoons I give restaurant this 3 silver spoons


Allie said...

Your blog looks great I added you to my list! Happy blogging can't wait to see what comes.

Anonymous said...

I'm not big on Indian food but this looks good!

anudivya said...

Nice blog... yeah the stuff they give you at the end what you called spices, we eat them, normally don't spit them out. Supposedly helps with fresh breath, and also digestion. I am glad you had a reasonable experience. :)